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This is the John Allan Florist page. We have listed the address of John Allan and phone numbers and websites. John Allan is in Glasgow, John Allan offers cheap flowers, flower delivery, send flowers, cheap flower delivery, luxury flowers and get well soon flowers in Glasgow and also Flower Delivery in Glasgow.

John Allan Map:
John Allan
201 Springburn Way
Glasgow, G21 1DU
Phone: 0141-558 5344


  • review icon
    Ina Comrie on 07 Jan 2014
    I have used this florist for years for funerals weddings & birthdays never been let down in either product,service,quality,promptness they are without doubt the best.
  • review icon
    June Trainor on 28 Sep 2013
    I have been purchasing flowers from John Allan for 40 years+ They never fail to amaze me with the knowledge, the caring of the Staff and the absolutely beautiful and stunning arrangements they have completed for me over the years. There is not a Florist to beat them. Thank you all.
  • review icon
    Helene on 13 Jul 2012
    I have used John Allan for many many years and they have always been delighted with their service and professionalism. Thank you
  • review icon
    HEATHER STODDART on 03 Jul 2012
    It is my birthday today and yet ive received another bouquet of flowers from my partner Robert.Gillin..he has been using John Allans florist for years..I wld like to thank this man so much for making my birthday soo special..They always send fantastic flowers and they last for ages..i will certainly never use another florist..im just going to order another bouquet for my sisters birthday..Thanx again for the beautiful bouquet..my partner ordered..
  • review icon
    Maureen on 28 Feb 2012
    absolutely love this florist! i moved away from springburn, but i still go here for all my flowers, as they are always so fresh and arranged beautifully. i made the mistake of going somewhere else, once, but never again! the staff ate always so lovely too.
  • review icon
    Lynda McDonald (Millar) on 24 Jan 2012
    I have been buying flowers from John Alan for 10 years they are fantastic they have done everything for me from my wedding to ever day flowers to even being there for me when I sadly lost my mum the service and knowledge is amazing and when ever I send flowers they are just breath taking and ever one who has received them had said how long they last and how beautiful they are presented thank you John Allan lynda
  • review icon
    Catherine Campbell on 12 Aug 2011
    I grew up with John Allan florist being our local florist. I first recall him when I was about 8 and that was about 40 years ago, when I lived in Springburn, we then moved to Bishopbriggs and John then opened a shop there but since then it has closed and only Springburn one is left, I always use him as his flowers are always fresh, the staff has been the same faces I knew when I was young and the quantity of the flowers for the price is amazing, the same flowers from John Allan would cost you much much more if you went elsewhere and not get the same freshness or lovely staff. I have just ordered some flowers just now for my mum for my dads 3 year anniversary of his death and I know I will not be let down, thank you John and your staff.
  • review icon
    KENNETH NISBET on 07 Jun 2011
    I moved to Australia in 2009 and have used john allan on a few occasions for birthdays etc back in Glasgow the service they provide is complementry is to say the least efficiency very helpful and polite no nonsence service i cant thank them enough Kenny Nisbet
  • review icon
    Denise Keane on 08 Mar 2011
    I use John Allan on a regular basis. I order for birthdays, anniversary, funerals. Everytime the flowers are beautiful. The feedbank from friends and family is always positive. They offer good value, great service and beautiful flowers.
  • review icon
    James McCluskey on 30 Dec 2010
    Outstanding Florist. Have used you once before and would never go to another florist. Everyone who has seen them have asked who the florist was. Thank you John Allan
  • review icon
    Freda Sinclair on 13 Dec 2010
    For 30 yrs I have used John Allan\'s ever since I left Glasgow for Canada, my mother always used them as well and when I would call from Canada and place an order I knew what kind of service to expect and their flowers are the best.When my mother passed away our family ordered a casket wreath Mr Allan new my mother and that she loved Orchards, the wreath was a mass of tiny Orchards words cannot describe how beautiful this wreath was.Our family thanks Mr Allan and staff for their kindness...It is Dec 2010 and now I will go and place my order for my sisters in Glasgow
  • review icon
    Graham Meldrum on 25 Oct 2010
    I have used John Allans for the best part of 20 years, for birthdays and wedding anniversaries for my wife, and also for funerals etc. I ordered flowers for my wife for 16 september this year, they were delivered exactly on time, and only this week - 5 weeks later now - is the last of the flowers and greenery finally wilting. The best around, and we will keep using them. many thanks, John Allans
  • review icon
    John Weir on 18 Jul 2010
    The order was taken with courtesy. Delivered promptly with a smile. The flowers were of 1st class quality with directions of how to maintain their freshness. I would use them again and promote their business to others.
  • review icon
    Frances Smith on 10 Mar 2010
    You will never find a florist better than John Allan\'s. Their flowers are always so fresh and last for some time. I would never use another florist. I have used John Allan\'s for about 20 years and I have never been disappointed. The staff are always so helpful and courteous.
  • review icon
    Emily Glen on 21 May 2009
    Recommended this florist by my Gran and haven\'t been anywhere else since. Beautiful arrangments, best of care taken every time and helpful, knowledgeable staff. Best florist in the city by a mile!
  • review icon
    Fiona Morrison on 10 Apr 2009
    I received the most beautiful basket of flowers from my colleagues that I\'ve ever seen from this florist. They are still fresh one week on and are so pretty. I\'ll be using this florist to send flowers in future...they\'re brill!
  • review icon
    Carol Wilkie on 18 Feb 2009
    I have used John Allan many times in the past.The flowers are always lovely and last for weeks.The staff are so nice and helpful too.I wouldnt buy flowers from anyone else.
  • review icon
    Joe Mullen on 11 Feb 2009
    I would never use any other florists. You get a first rate service and very good quality product with a promp delivery.
  • review icon
    Jeanette Burns on 26 Nov 2008
  • review icon
    Liz Mowat on 03 Sep 2008
    Thank you for yet another fantastic arrangement sent to me for my birhday from my two nephews Stephen & Stuart.You never fail to amaze me by the freshness of the flowers and the way that they are arranged. (They were delivered to my sister Mrs janette Rodger in bearsden )
  • review icon
    Christine Cook on 26 Aug 2008
    Excellent service, flowers are always of a very high quality and arrangements are always beautiful. I have never been let down or disappointed. I find the staff very helpful and interested too.
  • review icon
    Elizabeth Mcshannon on 07 Dec 2007
    i would highly recommend this florist, ihave used it for years & never been disapointed. excellent value, excellent service, excellent staff, excellent flowers. couldnt ask for anything better elizabeth mcshannon

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